My Life

I was Happy

This is me, I am 3.5 years old in this photo. I was a merry, active and inquisitive child. I was curious to why adults were so focused when they were watching soccer or reading a newspaper in which I did not understand a word, yet I would take a newspaper too and would make a smart face. I would watch my mother helping my older brother with his homework and I would attentively listen to them. I liked studding. At the age of 5 I used to go shopping. I liked shopping and I still like it.

I go to school

I am 6 years old in this photo, I am going to school. Being almost 5 years old I already could easily read and would write my mother short notes but I did not know any poem by heart. So I took my brother's textbook, for pupils of the 3rd year, and started learning the first poem I found. The poem was titled "The White Birch". I narrated this poem before the school examination board and was accepted into zero class.

Me with my family

I liked it when my family spent vacations together, this photo was taken during a 2 week holiday in a house close to Kharkov city. My daddy liked to take my photos, therefore a lot of photos from my childhood are saved. Unfortunately we did not stay for long there, it was here that I felt a very strong pain in my back and my parents had to take me to hospital.

Before my illness

Before I got ill I liked to run, jump, see-saw, climb on trees and also go cycling.

I like the sea

In spite of being unable to walk I try to live an active life style. I like to travel, I adore the sea air, I like to live an active life. When I was in a summer camp we would play basketball, tennis, we would swim and go for excursions.

I am learning swimming

The most scary thing for me was to learn how to swim. I had to fight my fear because I really wanted to be able to swim, being near the sea. My trainer wrapped a rope around me and if I started to sink he would pull me up and I would come to the surface. This is how I learned to swim.

During a picnic

It is great to walk in the forest, you enjoy the birds singing and the fresh air. There are lots of squirrels in our forest, all of them are tame and take food from your hands. I like animals, especially horses!

My dreams

I still dream of being healthy and I still cannot get used to my state. I live with my grandmother, she is quite old already so I try to help her with everyday chores. In the past it was so easy to do that that I did not even notice helping her, however, it takes me more time now. I like cooking, especially baking cakes, people say I am good at this.